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Düber 2 is here!


Highlights of the massive improvements in Düber 2 include:

  • Up to 30 times faster than version 1!
  • Wizard driven deduplication settings make even the most complex fuzzy matching easy
  • 1-Click Dedupe: Düber now remembers dedupe settings so you can repeat the same dedupe operation over and over with a single click
  • A new Fix Duplicates operation that allows you to modify rather than remove duplicates

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What is Düber?

duberSimple—Düber is the über deduplicator for Microsoft Excel!

Düber solves one of the most common Excel list clean-up problems: smart duplicate removal.

Düber goes far beyond Excel's built-in deduplication features by providing customisable exact matching and real fuzzy matching. All of these features are made easy to use by a simple yet sophisticated wizard driven interface.

List cleanup tasks that previously took days or weeks can be performed automatically by Düber in minutes.

Work Smarter, Play Harder

monkey started as a project to build advanced productivity tools and cool games for Microsoft Office.

The philosophy for the project was to work smarter, play harder.

Expanding on that philosophy lazyslug is now exploring what you can do with an infinite number of monkeys. You can also read slug trails, the slug's journal.