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About lazyslug

work smarter, play harder

The lazyslug philosophy is very simple: work smarter so you can spend all the time you've saved playing harder.

To that end, we provide advanced productivity tools for Microsoft Office which make possible a number of complex, time-consuming tasks.

And, when you've finished that project hours, days or even weeks earlier by using our productivity tools, why not try playing one of our games? The games are all implemented in Microsoft Excel, so you can play in your familiar work environment.

A lot of people ask us, "Why have you written games for Microsoft Excel?". It's a good question. Excel is a serious tool for serious professionals, isn't it? Well, perhaps that's why we enjoy doing it. Perhaps the answer is simply that you can. Anyway, have fun.

Expanding on our philosophy lazyslug is now exploring what you can do with an infinite number of monkeys. You can also read slug trails, the slug's journal.

-- lazyslug