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Düber Feature Summary

Customisable exact matching

Düber allows you to customise exact matching by setting the following options:

Unique fuzzy matching technology

Fuzzy matching identifies records that are close to one another but not exactly the same. For example: 'Düber' and 'Doober'. This is a powerful feature that allows you to remove duplicates in data that contains typos, spelling mistakes and so on.

Fuzzy matching is a computationally intensive task. Processing time grows exponentially as the size of the list to be matched grows. To minimise the processing overhead, Düber 2 includes a new, high performance fuzzy matching engine.

Remove or fix duplicates

Usually when you find duplicates in your lists you will want Düber to remove them. Düber can fix duplicates as well as remove them.

When you fix duplicates, Düber provides a user interface that allows you to select groups of duplicates and then mark records that are the master in each group. The unique key fields from the group master will be copied to the other records in the group.

Easy-to-use wizard interface

Düber provides a wizard interface that guides you through the various stages of setting up a deduplication (or fix duplicates) run. The wizard takes you through 4 steps:

  1. Select the fields that make up the unique key
  2. Choose how records should be matched and whether to remove or fix duplicates
  3. Decide how Düber should pick the results
  4. Review and amend results.

Non-destructive Processing

Following step 4 in the wizard Düber will copy the results of processing onto a new worksheet leaving your original list unchanged. For example, the results of deduplicating a list in worksheet 'Sheet1' will be copied to 'Sheet1 results'.

If you are removing duplicates and wish to keep the discarded records then these will also be copied to a new worksheet. For example: 'Sheet1 discards'.

1-Click Deduplication

Düber remembers your deduplication settings for each unique list you process. This means that if you repeatedly deduplicate the same data you can simply click Finish. The wizard will finish and processing will begin using your remembered settings. This is called 1-Click Deduplication.

Audit sheet generation

Düber can optionally create an audit sheet that contains the results of the processing that Düber performed to the data in your list. For example, you can use the audit sheet to see exactly which records were removed.