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What kinds of tasks can Düber help with?

Here are just a few examples of how actual Düber customers are using the product to solve real deduplication problems in their businesses.

Don't worry if your problem isn't displayed here—Düber is flexible enough to perform just about any deduplication task.

Software vendor: Remove opt-outs from email lists

Software Box Most software vendors use email blasts as part of their marketing campaigns. Companies that do this are obliged to provide customers the opportunity to opt-out from receiving email.

Customers with this problem use Düber to ensure that they only send email to prospects who have not opted out. This is done by:

  • Append the prospect list and the opt-out list into a single list
  • Deduplicate using the "No records" Automatic Record Selection option.

The result is a list that contains only those prospects who have not opted out because the duplicates created by appending the lists will have been removed.

Web DVD Retailer: Identify cheapest DVD by supplier

Matrix DVD

A web retailer of DVDs wants to identify the cheapest DVD supplier for each DVD stocked. To achieve this with Düber:

  • Append all the DVD stock lists from each supplier
  • Sort the resulting aggregate sheet by price
  • Deduplicate using the "First record" Automatic Record Selection Option.

The result will be the list of DVDs stocked from the cheapest supplier since duplicate rows from multiple suppliers will have been removed and the sorting ensures that only the cheapest remains.