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Düber—the über deduplicator for Excel

Düber screenshot lazyslug's Düber is a Microsoft Excel productivity tool that solves one of the most common Excel list management problems: smart duplicate removal.

Duplicate removal is commonly required to clean up lists containing human-entered data from sources such as:

Lists like these often contain duplicates that must be removed before they can be used to create mailings, update databases, create product catalogues and so on. As the data in these lists is often entered by hand, duplicate entries are created simply by multiple copies of the same data, or by entering multiple instances where the data is subtly different (containing spelling errors or typos, for example).

Removing duplicates using exact matching is straightforward and Excel provides built-in features to do this. However, the hard part of any big list clean-up task is handling the matching and removal of non-exact data.

Intelligent duplicate fix or removal can often only be done manually and is a time-consuming, error-prone and boring task.

The technology required to automate this process is known as "fuzzy matching" and it is just one of the capabilities of Düber that separates it from what Excel can do out of the box. Düber's smart matching can automate list clean-up tasks, performing in minutes what previously took days or even weeks of laborious effort.

To find out more why not learn how real customers use Düber, read the frequently asked questions or read the product documentation.