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MinesXL: Minesweeper—with a Twist!

MinesXL screenshot MinesXL is a complete Excel version of the original Minesweeper game with amazing bitmap-style graphics, sound effects, music and three difficulty levels.

But wait, there's more!

For all Minesweeper experts, MinesXL provides a fiendishly difficult advanced version with three different types of mine: small mines count for 1 point, medium mines 2 points and big mines 3 points. You have to mark all of the mines correctly to win.

For each version of the game you can see your Top 20 best times for each difficulty level and submit your best times to the online best times table, where you can also download replays of the best games. You can watch these replays in the game and see how the experts get their top times.

Standard MinesXL Top Times
Level Time Who
Easy 2.20 CJ
Medium 35.00 xjaf01
Hard 103.97 SleepyHustler
Enhanced MinesXL Top Times
Level Time Who
Easy 7.21 Gilly
Medium 49.21 Gilly
Hard 151.93 Gilly