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MinesXL Instructions


Find all of the hidden mines in the fastest time possible!

Game Version

There are two game versions.

Version Description
Standard The classic original Minesweeper. Each number in a cell tells you how many adjacent cells contain mines. Find all of the empty cells to win.
Enhanced All new version of Minesweeper. This version has three different types of mine: small, medium and big. Small count for 1 point, medium 2 points and big 3 points. Mark all of the mines correctly to win.

Skill Levels

There are three built in skills levels as described below. There is also a Custom level where you can define your own grid size and number of mines.

Level Grid Size Mines
Easy 9 x 9 10
Medium 16 x 16 40
Hard 21 x 21 90


Control Action
Left-click Reveal the cell.
Right-click Mark cell as a mine. In the Standard game Right-click again to mark with a ? and again to unmark. In Enhanced cycle through the three different mine sizes and then unmark.
face Left-click to start a new game. You will be asked to confirm if there is already a game in progress.
Right-click to display the Options dialog.
close Left-click to close MinesXL.
up Left-click to change the timer between count up (the default) and count down from your current Best Time.
ENTER Start a new game. You will be asked to confirm if there is already a game in progress.
Alt-1 Start a new standard game on easy level.
Alt-2 Start a new standard game on medium level.
Alt-3 Start a new standard game on hard level.
Alt-4 Start a new enhanced game on easy level.
Alt-5 Start a new enhanced game on medium level.
Alt-6 Start a new enhanced game on hard level.
SPACE Minimize the game.
Esc Close MinesXL.
R Show a replay of the last game played.
L Load a replay game from a file.
S Save a replay of a game to a file.


MinesXL remembers the moves you made during the game and can show you a replay. You can press "R" to start the replay or alternatively use the play button next to the face. During a replay the play button will change to a pause button which you can click to pause the replay at any time. Once paused the button reverts to a play button.

You can change the replay speed by pressing the button above the play/pause button. It will cycle between "S" for single step, "F" for fast and "N" for normal. Single step will wait for you to click the mouse after each move. Fast will display the moves as fast as possible. Normal will replay the game at the same speed you originally played it.

The replay will be lost as soon as you start a new game unless you decide to save it to disk by pressing the "S" key. If you do so then a file selector dialog will appear asking you to give a name for the replay file. You can reload replays at anytime by pressing the "L" key and then using the file selector dialog to choose a replay you have previously saved.

MinesXL will automatically save a replay when you beat your best time on any game mode (apart from Custom). These replay files are named after the game mode - "BestEasyStandard" for standard easy mode, and "BestHardEnhanced" for enhanced hard mode. Registered users can email their best replays to where they will appear in the worldwide Best Times table so others can see your best games.


Click on the thumbnail to show the option page full size in another window.

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