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monkey school information

Monkey School was opened in September 2006 and is the culmination of a project that started on a home computer nearly twenty years ago. Back then there was just one computer, one teacher and one monkey. The teacher's name has been lost in the mists of time. The monkey was called Eric.

Now thanks to the internet we can all teach a monkey to say silly things.

how does it work?

Monkeys start off knowing nothing. But they are great learners.

When you teach your monkey it remembers every word that you type. The monkey will make associations between the words it reads. These associations get stronger the more times it sees certain words following other words.

If you ask your monkey to type you a message it does so based purely on what it has learned. It uses the associations between words to figure out how to put a sentence together. Now, since monkeys don't understand the meaning of any of the words it's entirely likely that the sentence it writes will be nonsense.

It's also possible that the message it writes will be deep and meaningful, hilariously funny, or just sad. But one thing is for certain: they'll be all your own work.