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Welcome to Monkey School

where 148 monkeys know 30,406 words and have made 341,572 associations

monkeyAccording to the infinite monkey theorem if you get an infinite number of monkeys and put them in front of an infinite number of typewriters at some point one of them will write the complete works of Shakespeare.

Sadly, lazyslug's supply of monkeys, typewriters and time is far from infinite. To work around this problem, we have applied our work smarter, play harder philosophy and come up with Monkey School.

In the lazyslug Monkey School, you can create your own monkey, teach it some words, and then get it to type you a message. The sentences your monkey types are based on what you teach it, but since the monkey doesn't really understand what you are saying, the results are very often jumbled but sometimes quite hilarious. Give it a try, we guarantee it will make you smile.

To get started you need to enroll a new monkey in the Monkey School. lazyslug will then send you a password for your monkey which you can then use to log your monkey into the school. Once you have logged in you can teach your monkey to type. Your monkey remembers everything you teach it. After teaching your monkey a few phrases, ask it to type, sit back and laugh at the results.

If you are interested there is information on how it all works or you can look at the school reports.

enroll a new monkey

To start enroll a new monkey into Monkey School.

monkey login

If you have an existing monkey then login to teach it.