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office tools and games provides advanced productivity tools and cool games for Microsoft Office.

Book index management in Word, Excel deduplication and Excel Minesweeper and Robots.

Düber—the über deduplicator for Excel

Düber solves one of the most common Excel list clean-up problems: smart duplicate removal.

Düber goes far beyond Excel's built-in matching facilities by providing customisable exact matching and real fuzzy matching as well as a simple yet sophisticated wizard driven interface for specifying unique records from fuzzy matches.

List cleanup tasks that previously took days or weeks can be performed automatically by Düber in minutes.

ReFolio—the best way to manage a book index in Word

ReFolio checks and adjusts book indexes in Microsoft Word.

Save hours, produce higher quality book indexes and prevent expensive re-print or re-issue.

RobotsXL—Destroy the Robots!

RobotsXL screenshotRobotsXL is based on the classic Robots (or Daleks) game. Relive those retro character-cell graphics!

RobotsXL now includes a benchmark mode so you can compare the performance of your machine with others.

MinesXL—Minesweeper with a twist

MinesXL screenshotMinesXL is lazyslug's fiendish new take on the classic Minesweeper.

Play the original version or lazyslug's enhanced version with three different types of mines.