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ReFolio—the best way to check and adjust a book index

ReFolio lazyslug's ReFolio is a Microsoft Word productivity tool designed to assist with checking and adjusting book indexes.

Adjusting book indexes can be a repetetive and error-prone task. ReFolio maximises the time saved on checking and adjusting book indexes.

Benefits of ReFolio ReFolio menu

ReFolio was designed to be a really simple tool to use and to provide the following benefits:

What does ReFolio do?

Checks and corrects an index ReFolio Check Index

Adjusts the page references in an index ReFolio Manage Index

One of the most time consuming tasks is adjusting the page references in a book index. This can happen if a new revision of a book has new pages added or removed, or paragraphs moved from one page to another.

ReFolio assists in updating the book index to reflect the changes in the new revision with the following features:

ReFolio is highly configurable and supports many different formats of book index.

ReFolio is a Microsoft Word add-in and provides the tools you need to check and adjust an index at your fingertips. It is supplied with a detailed User Guide, an Installation Guide and many tutorials.