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RobotsXL—Destroy the Robots!

RobotsXL 1 screenshot RobotsXL is an arcade implementation of the classic Robots or Daleks game for Microsoft Excel featuring retro VT100-style animated graphics, customisable sound effects, user-definable keys and an online high scores table.

The objective of the game is simple: destroy all the robots by making them crash into each other. Each time you move the robots take one step towards you. Stay out of their way or you get killed. Of course, the number of robots increases with each level.

RobotsXL 2 screenshot In addition to the classic Robots game, lazyslug's version includes a new, harder version with three types of Robots: the original Robots, Speedbots that take two moves for every one of yours, and Pushbots that can push Scrapheaps if there is nothing on the other side. You can also push Scrapheaps if there is nothing on the other side.

RobotsXL Top Scores
Game Score Who
Robots 1 1,685,209 Chris
Robots 2 1,050,464 Chris (beast3)

RobotsXL now includes a benchmark mode so you can compare the performance of your machine with others.

RobotsXL Fastest Benchmark
Time CPU Who
00:01:30.3 1 x Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2600K CPU 3.4 Beast6