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RobotsXL Benchmark

The RobotsXL benchmark tests the performance of your machine by automatically playing 20 levels of Robots 1 and then 20 levels of Robots 2. The faster the time the more powerful your machine. You must register your copy of RobotsXL to be able to submit a benchmark result. Registration is free and anonymous.

To run the benchmark start RobotsXL and then click on the '!' button. The benchmark will take a few minutes to run and will then give you the option to submit your result to the website where it will be displayed in the table below.

RobotsXL Benchmark
Rank Time Name
1 00:01:30.3 Beast6
2 00:02:09.4 scooter (beast4)
3 00:02:18.3 Issme Karis
4 00:02:31.1 Chris (beast3)
5 00:02:55.6 beast3.9
6 00:03:12.7 thinkpad410
7 00:03:17.6 Chris
8 00:03:58.3 Chris (laptop)
9 00:04:45.1 LB
10 00:04:53.0 Unknown

Click on a benchmark time for more details about the run.