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RobotsXL Instructions


Make all of the Robots crash into each other!

Game Versions

There are two game versions.

Version Description
Robots 1 The original classic Robots game. Each time you move all of the robots take one step towards you. Robots that move into the same square collide leaving a scrap heap. You can destroy all of the Robots by making them crash into each other or scrapheaps.
Robots 2 An all new version of Robots. There are three types of Robots. The original Robots, Speedbots that take two moves for every one of yours, and Pushbots that can push Scrapheaps if there is nothing the other side. You can also push scrapheaps if there is nothing the other side. You also get an extra weapon to use: Repulse.


Button Default Key Action
alt-1 Alt-1 or 1 Start version 1 of the game.
alt-2 Alt-2 or 2 Start version 2 of the game.
alt-u Alt-u Turn the tutor on or off.
nw Num-7 or y Move one step North-West.
n Num-8 or k Move one step North.
ne Num-9 or u Move one step North-East.
e Num-6 or l Move one step East.
se Num-3 or n Move one step South-East.
s Num-2 or j Move one step South.
se Num-1 or b Move one step South-West.
w Num-4 or h Move one step West.
. Num-5 or . Wait where you are for one turn.
r Alt-r or r Teleport to a random position. May appear next to a robot!
t Alt-t or t Teleport to a safe position. Requires a spare charge.
c Alt-c or c Destroy all robots next to you. Requires a spare charge.
e Alt-e or e Make all of the robots take a step back. Requires a spare charge.
s Alt-s or s Start last stand. Bonus for every robot destroyed.
o Alt-o or o Display the options dialog.
i Alt-i or i Switch extended status bar information on or off.
! Alt-b Run the RobotsXL benchmark.
esc Esc Exit RobotsXL.
- none - SPACE Minimize the game.


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