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Register RobotsXL

The RobotsXL download is fully functional in all ways except:

To remove these limitations you need to register the game.

How to Register

licence When you run RobotsXL you will be asked if you would like to register. If you select "Yes" then the Options form will open on the Licence tab. To register enter your name and organisation and then press the "Register" button. You will then be taken to the web site where you can register the game. The web site will walk you through the simple registration process which includes defining the name you want to use in the High Scores table.
register You can also register RobotsXL at any time by pressing the "Register" button on the licence tab of the Options form.
enter Once you have successfully registered the game the website will display a 32 character licence key which needs to be entered into the licence tab in the 8 key boxes. You can automatically enter this key into the boxes by pressing the "Retrieve Key" button.
retrieve If the "Retrieve Key" method does not work you can manually type the licence key into the 8 boxes and then press the "Enter Key" button.