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in the beginningbar4.18
finding sluggobar4.34
i believebar4.33
lucky in lurvebar4.25
international bestsellerbar4.54
wish you were herebar4.54
holiday romancebar4.56
and... relaxbar4.34
fairy talebar3.65
aspirations of inadequacybar3.85
is it a bird? is it a plane?bar2.828
always read the manualbar4.25
duck does not always mean quackbar4.34
i have a dreambar4.04
around the garden in 80 daysbar3.84
you are what you eatbar3.84
sometimes the pricks are on the outsidebar4.04
it's all in the presentationbar4.05
the devil is in the detailbar4.25
need to knowbar4.34
make like a treebar4.33
if something can go wrong...bar3.84
surprise surprisebar4.03
slithering off into the sunsetbar4.45
the great escapebar4.33
size isn't importantbar4.06
sorry, wrong numberbar4.03
to be, or not to bebar2.938